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Jonathan Fisher (1768-1847) was born in New Braintree, Massachusetts in 1768. After the death of his father, a Revolutionary War soldier, he was reared in the Dedham home of his uncle, a minister. As a young man he considered becoming a blacksmith, cabinet maker or clockmaker, but his intellectual gifts were evident and his family was able to send him to Harvard in 1788.

In 1796 he became the first settled Congregational minister of the small village of Blue Hill, Maine. Although his primary duties as a country parson engaged much of his time, Fisher was also an artist, farmer, scientist, mathematician, surveyor, and writer of prose and poetry. He bound his own books, made buttons and hats, designed and built furniture, painted sleighs, was a reporter for the local newspaper, helped found Bangor Theological Seminary, dug wells, built his own home and raised a large family.

Excerpts from Jonathan Fisher's Diary from the month of March 1814

March 1st- Worked most of the day on piggins. P.M. smart snow storm.  Lent $1.83 to John Horton for a shawl. 

March 2nd- Worked most of the day on piggins.  Evening wrote upon Youth's Primer. 

March 3rd- Finished 5 piggins and began a small pail.  Levi Holt and wife called on us.  Spent the evening with Mrs. F. at Mr. Witham's. 

March 4th- A cold blustering day.  Worked A.M. upon a small pail.  P.M. attended the funeral of old Mrs. Horton. 

March 5th- Read in Emmen's Occassional Sermons, 5th sermons. Wrote sermon. 

March 6th- Preached at B. Read in Panoplist.  Translated a little of Jonah into Hebrew.  

March 7th- Spent the day writing upon Hebrew lexicon

March 8th- Spent the day compiling Hebrew lexicon.  A thaw commences.  Nancy unwell with debility and sore throat.   

March 9th- Wrote a little upon Hebrew lexicon.  Went to see Capt. Horton, quite sick.  Went to Mr. Parker's, obtained his horse and went with Mrs. F. to Mr. Asa Clough's.  Made an agreeable visit and returned safely.  Feb. 28, Jonathan brought home 4 bu. rye meal = rye 14 1/2. Barely 3 1/2. Wheat 4 3/4.  Indian 13 3/4 = 35 1/2 = $52.57. 

March 10th- Made in part two small pails.  Evening with newspaper

March 11th- Went early in the forenoon to Capt. Horton's. Found him death struck.  Went to Mr. Geo. Stover's. Returned to Capt. H's; tarried 'till he died about 1 o'clock P.M.  Prayed with the family and returned home.  Finished off three small pails.  Wrote extracts from newspaper. 

March 12th- Made a number of blanks for sermons. Hannah Day here last night.  Paid her in full 17 cents. Wrote upon a sermon. 

March 13th-  Preached A.M. at the meeting house.  P. M. attended the funeral of Capt. Horton at his house and read his will.  Read in Panoplist.  

March 14th- Mr. Johnson hauled wood for me.  Mr. J. helped load and chop.  Wrote myself and helped unload.  Get up 7 cords, plus 15 before = 22.  Evening attended trustee meeting at Mr. Witham's  Rec's of Mr. Dodge in part for salary 25 dollars.  Quite cold.  

March 15th. - Painted on funeral piece one day + 1 1/2 = 2 1/2 = $2.50.  Snow storm.  

March 16th- Got out 11 dz. buttons.  Painted on funeral piece 1/4 a day = $2.75.  

March 17th- Went to John Horton's; paid him for repair of sleigh 83 cents.  Rec'd church money due from Mrs. Horton.  Went to Capt. Herrick's, also to Mr. Faulkner's.  Rec'd by him of Mr. Blodgett for cloth $10. = 22 in all. Paid Mr. Faulkner in full for grain bought for me at Bangor.  $17.70 for 7 bu. rye, 3 bu. wheat.  Went to J. Johnson's, paid him in full 75 cents.  Spoke for remainder of planks for my house, 1 1/2 thousand.  Returned home and P.M. with trustees visited the Academy.  Afterwards with Mrs. F. made a visit at Mr. Dodge's with somewhat of a large company.  Found in some a very great backwardness to entertain religious subjects.  

March 18th- Went to Br. H's.  Paid my mother $5 of note.  Took up old note and give a new one for $10 remaining due for my education.  Settled with Mr. R. Parker and paid him in full.  Settled with Mr. R. Dodge.  Paid Mr. Ellis for coffee pot and in full 50 cents.  Mr. Geo. Stevens 14.35 in part of account; one dollar of it toward 3 dollars discount on a bill of a hundred dollars which he exchanged for me.  Returned home.  Read newspaper and made extracts.  

March 19th-  Wrote a sermon.  Read one of Mr. Emmen's. 

March 20th- Preached at B. Read Panoplist. 

March 21st- Spent the day compiling Hebrew lexicon.  

March 22nd- A somewhat cold and very driving snow storm.  Spent most of the day compiling Hebrew lexicon.  Toward night on funeral. 

March 23rd- Painted on funeral piece and finished except the epitaph = $4. 

March 24th- Made a couple of powder horns.  Josiah went to Mr. Faulkner's and got shoes mended.  

March 25th- For several days has been quite cold. 

March 26th- Spent most of the day at work on a machine for shaving shingles.  Went in the evening to the head of the bay.  Wrote a letter for Phoebe Horton.  Wrote a return of marriages. P.M. with Dec. Steven's horse road to Ells[worth].  Broad Horns calved.  

March 27th- Preached at Ells[worth] by exchange with Mr. Norris.  Read in Miss Hannah Moore's Christian Words.  

March 28th- Spent most of the forenoon in reading and conversation.  11 o'clock set out for home.  On my way thrown from my horse, but through kind Providence rec'd very little injury, except the tearing of a new surtout.  Found all at home in tolerable health.  Blessed be God!

March 29th- Spent the day working upon a shingle machine, after having prepared a model of a part of it.  Pleasant weather. 

March 30th- Worked upon shingle machine.  

March 31st-  Worked upon ditto.  Clarissa Osgood, Huldah Flye and Lois Stover made us a visit; also Mr. Herbert called and took tea and brought me a Paul and Virginia, gift of Mr. Sullivan.  Mr. H. lent me a copy of Septuagint.  (Greek version of the Old Testament, according to dictionary).  

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