Jonathan Fisher House

Jonathan Fisher (1768-1847) was the first settled Congregational minister of the small village of Blue Hill, Maine. Fisher was also an artist, farmer, scientist, mathematician, surveyor, and writer of prose and poetry. Today, at the charming homestead he designed in 1814 for his growing family, you may see the life’s work of this ‘Versatile Yankee’. The house contains remarkable survivals from the Fisher era, including:
  • Remarkable art work, including paintings, drawings, watercolors, and woodblock prints
  • Furniture he made for his family and others
  • An extensive library
  • Remarkable home-made ‘alarm clock, with its beautiful dial telling of time in five languages
  • Superb homemade surveying tools
  • A rare camera obscura that he made to aid him in drawing
  • Outside, a recreation of his 1820 orchard is in progress, using Fisher’s original plans, including a surviving 200 year old pear tree
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